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Vandalised shop in Tallaght

Malicious Damage | Very often assessing the full extend of the loss can prove too difficult for the distressed business owner, especially when the damage includes theft or destruction of the business records.

This was exactly the case with the Halal supermarket owners whose business was robbed and vandalised. The thieves stole not just the food products, but also CCTV cameras, cash registers, computer equipment.

They also damaged a large quantities of stock, destroyed counter tops, shelves, fridges, and other equipment.

The hard drive of the computers that were stolen had contained the full product inventory… Continue reading

Home Insurance Claims Advice

Home insurance claims relate to losses due to Fire and Smoke Damage, Flooding, Burst pipe, Storm and Lightning Damage, Subsidence or Burglary that occurred in your private home.

If you are unsure how to assess your loss, worried about speaking to the insurance company directly, don’t know what you can claim for or need home insurance claim advice, call us.

We are Public Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Experts, with many years of home insurance claims handling experience. We operate on your behalf, not the insurance company’s. We have helped many home owners get a full compensation for… Continue reading

Insurance Claim Management – The value of expert advice

Insurance Claim Management | Handling an Insurance Claim by yourself can be tricky.

First you need to read the small print and be able to understand legal jargon that stipulates policy exclusions and limits your compensation.

Secondly, you need to understand what secondary damage is, and how it can impact on the total cost of your repairs.

Then you need extensive experience in assessing insurance claims in order to know what secondary damage is possible as a result of fire, smoke or water damage and what to look for when assessing your loss.

In order to minimise their payouts, insurance… Continue reading

25 Tips for Preventing Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire Prevention Tips | As most kitchen fires can be prevented, we have put together 25 tips that should make your cooking a safer experience.

  1. Most burn and scald incidents to children happen in the kitchen. Never allow children in the kitchen unsupervised.
  2. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. If you need lighters and matches in the kitchen, get childproof ones.
  3. Spark devices or heated elements are a safer way of igniting gas appliances.
  4. Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling, boiling or broiling food. If you are simmering, baking or roasting food,… Continue reading

Fire Claim | The Value of Help from an Experienced Loss Assessor



Fire Claim | Case Description

FIRE CLAIM | It was the night of St Patrick’s Day, when the fire suddenly erupted in a Dublin family home. The fire spread very quickly and before anybody could do anything about it, all that remained were four outer walls. The fire completely gutted the house and destroyed most of the house contents.

Like many others, the home owners decided to handle the claim themselves. They got all the necessary forms from the insurance company and following the instructions of their insurers, called in some contractors to assess the cost of… Continue reading

Speedy Claims Resolution: Trevor is a qualified building surveyor and as such knows what to look for with regards to things like ‘unseen’ damage. Read more…
Water Damage Claim - John from Co. Laois
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