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Why Appoint A Loss Assessor to Handle your Insurance Claim?

Public Loss Assessor represents you, the policy holder, not an insurance company. 

Insurance company profit is dependent on the amount of claims they receive and pay out. So, it is understandable that they are trying to limit the amount of claims they pay out. Each time you file a claim, they instruct their loss adjusters and the legal team, to search for any loopholes, exclusions, policy conditions, warranties, previous claims history etc. , any possible reasons that can be used as a basis for  limiting, or even declining your claim.

When an insurance company sees that your claim is managed by a professional like us, they are less likely to  refuse it or limit your settlement on questionable grounds, because they know that we will fight tooth and nail, to make sure that you get compensated for your loss.

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How to make sure that your theft insurance pays out

Burglary and Theft Insurance Tips

We all too often come across policyholders who have been victims of break ins and thefts of their precious possessions. The current downturn in the economy is causing a huge increase in thefts and break-ins.

The items stolen have generally been amassed over many years and the value is usually significant and for many items the sentimental value is in calculable. Popular items for burglars are jewellery, diamonds, silver, gold, coins, watches, cash, iPods, tablets etc. (anything that can been sold off quickly).

Unfortunately, insurance compensations for stolen items are notoriously difficult to get. IF YOU CAN’T PROVE YOU HAD AN ITEM, YOU WILL GENERALLY NOT GET PAID. Continue reading

Under Insurance Can Be Costly

Under Insurance | In a nutshell, you need to an insurance policy review carried out periodically to avoid under insurance.

Under insurance is a situation when the sum insured of the insurance policy is less than the re-instatement value of your property. While under insurance may result in lower premiums paid by the policy holder, the loss arising from a claim may far exceed any marginal savings in insurance premiums.

Don’t gamble with your insurance cover. Ensure that you are fully protected by getting an independent policy review to establish correct levels of insurance.

We deal with cases on a daily basis where the home owner or business owners are under insured and following a loss, they only get a fraction of  their claim, due to “the average clause”.


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How to Prevent Burst Pipes and Avoid Water Damage

The cold weather is upon us and every year we help policyholders affected by water damage caused by freezing and burst pipes.

The damaged pipework is, in the main, a small issue. The major loss usually resultants from water damage caused once pipes thaw out and water escapes from damaged the pipework. We have seen claims ranging from €2,500 – €100,000 following frost damage to pipework.

In order to avoid damage to your home or business due to burst pipes, we have put together some tips based on our experience. Continue reading

Fire Claim | Electrical Fault Causes Fire To A House in Northern Ireland

Fire Claim | Faulty electrics are extremely dangerous as they can easily set the house on fire. Insurance Claim Solutions received a call from a distressed home owner in Northern Ireland informing that he had suffered fire damage to his home.

Luckily the damage affected only part of the building and some of the contents, and the occupants were safe, though shaken after this incident. The home owner managed to extinguish the fire quite quickly, therefore preventing more damage from occurring.

ICS Loss Assessor helps with fire claim

ICS Loss Assessor carried out detailed survey within hours of the initial… Continue reading

I had a fire at my house which was very stressful especially as I was due to go on my holidays two days later! I hired Trevor Kelly as my loss assessor. This turned out to be a really excellent decision. He managed to pull a few strings and get the i…
Fire Damage Claim | Loss Assessor Testimonial from David Ennis
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