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Fire Claim | Unattended candle sets a house in Co. Louth on fire

Fire Claim | Insurance Claim Solutions received a call on a Friday afternoon about an extensive fire damage to a house in Co. Louth.  A candle that was left unattended in an upstairs bedroom set the house on fire.

The house was occupied at the time, but luckily, the occupants managed to escape. It took approximately 25 minutes for the fire brigade to attend and unfortunately, by that time, there wasn’t much left to save. The fire was so violent and extensive that most of the structure and the house contents were destroyed.

The home owner was extremely traumatized… Continue reading

Kitchen Fire Damage Claim in Co Meath – Insurance Claim Solutions

Fire Damage Claim | ICS received a call from an extremely distressed property owner asking for help with her fire damage claim. She had her solid wood, bespoke kitchen unit destroyed by fire. The rest of the kitchen was also heavily soot stained and smoke damaged.

The insurance loss adjuster sent by her insurance company offered to pay for the replacement of the damaged section of the kitchen, and suggested that she tries to clean the rest.  The home owner was taken aback and horrified with the proposed settlement. Her kitchen was her pride and joy and… Continue reading

Leaking Pipe causes extensive water damage

A Leaking Pipe causes extensive water damage when the home owner was away from the property for just one night. The owner returned the next day and found the entire property water damaged from the top floor to the basement. The water pipe supply to the toilet cistern on the top floor had come away from the appliance and the leaking water caused extensive water damage to most of the rooms on the way down

The home owner did not know where to start. Luckily, we had handled a similar case for a friend of the home owner who referred… Continue reading

Fire and Smoke Damage – Dublin

Our clients are a young family with three small children in South Co Dublin. They left their home and were commuting to a local supermarket. Our client received a phone call from a neighbour informing her that smoke was bellowing from the vents at the rear of her property and that they could see fire in the kitchen/dining area.  Our client was naturally distraught that her family home had been destroyed and waited for the fire brigade to attend and make safe before she could enter the building. Our clients had suffered extensive kitchen fire and smoke damage to… Continue reading

Chip Pan Fire Claim Dublin | ICS Loss Assessor wins full compensation for client

Chip Pan Fire Insurance Claim | Our client is a landlord and has a number of properties. Our client received a call from his tenant to say that a property that she was renting had been damaged by fire.

On arrival our client found out that the damage was caused by a chip pan fire. The chip pan which was left unattended had gone on fire and caused extensive damage the entire property. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident.

We have worked with this particular landlord in the past and provided loss assessment on a number of insurance… Continue reading

Trevor is an honest,hard working professional working consistently on behalf of his clients to secure best resolution possible.
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