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ICS Loss Assessor Helps Retail Outlet in Dublin with a Flood Damage Claim

Flood damage to the gun room - CourtloughFlood Damage | Courtlough Shooting Grounds, Gun Showroom and Outdoor clothing retailers suffered severe flood damage caused by a heavy rainfall. The entire retail store and gun showroom had been severely damaged. The flooding even caused damages to the outdoor Olympic clay pigeon traps and electrical systems located on the shooting range.

We came into our business at 3.00am on the morning and our whole world crashed around us.

We have never had to cope with anything of this magnitude before and we were left paralysed. You do not plan for these things and you do not know what to do, or what not to do “ said Mr. Flynn

ICS Loss Assessor appointed to manage the flood damage claim

DSC_0318aInsurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessor – Trevor Kelly, immediately put in place a disaster management plan. As with any business, in order to keep it afloat and to retain the customers,  it is vital to get the business trading again as soon as possible.

Insurance Claim Solutions attended the site and advised the owner to remove all of the retail clothing stock and accessories from the flood damaged showroom to the first floor store room to mitigate their loss and to prevent any further damage to stock.

We advised that controlled drying should take place of the clothing to prevent any further deterioration. This is a normal part of any flood restoration process.

Trevor came in, calmed us down and gave us clear advice and directions. He really knew the exact steps to take and immediately put plans into action. We initially didn’t know what to make of him as he seemed so calm and collected – said Mr. Flynn.

The next issue that we encountered was a vast quantity of firearms. Over 200 (rifles and shotguns) were located in the flooded gun showroom and needed immediate attention. Ideally they needed to be relocated.

We advised Trevor that it would be difficult to get permission to move these off site. He said – no problem we will apply drying and thermal control techniques in another area on-site. This avoided us seeking a permit to move the fire arms”  – explained Mr. Flynn

The immediate action of controlling the humidity of the metals saved the majority of the firearms and saved any further deterioration. We identified an area which we could dry quickly and maintain the humidity and temperature to avoid any further losses.


Flood Damage – Specialist Advice 

Insurance Claim Solutions employed specialist disaster management contractors. They allowed the firearms be stored in a safe locked area on-site whilst we employed specialist drying and humidity management to prevent any further damage to the firearms.

Insurance Claim Solutions met with Courtlough’s insurer representatives and agreed scope and extent of works. Insurance Claim Solutions secured an interim payment this allowed Mr. Flynn with a clear plan to initiate stripping out works immediately.

We were moving so quickly and Trevor was driving on the works. He insisted that we carry out the works immediately once he received an approval. We were glad we could employ our contractors straight away” said Mr. Flynn

Insurance Claim Solutions appointed reliable specialist contractors to carry out controlled drying. This allowed the business owners to get the rebuilding works carried out immediately and to mitigate the amount of business that they had lost.


Flood Damage Claim Negotiation – Benefits of using Insurance Claim Solutions

Flood damage to a large retail store Insurance Claim Solutions worked with the business owner to compile a detailed inventory of all damaged and affected stock items. This proved crucial in the negotiation stages of the claim settlement.

Insurance Claim Solutions handled the full negotiations of the insurance claim. This included buildings, contents, stock, fixtures and fittings as well as the loss of earnings (Business Interruption).

The claim settlement received allowed Courtlough to improve the retail floor area and to provide a modern experience for country clothing, shooting goods, sporting guns and accessories. Courtlough Shooting Grounds are now Ireland’s destination of choice for the discerning shooter. They have extensive showrooms carrying Guns, Country Clothing and Accessories. They also operate clay pigeon shooting and rifle ranges on site.

Check out or call for more details 018413096

Below are their testimonials:

“Using insurance claim solutions took away all the hassle and headache from me and my family during this very stressful period. Business is hard enough without disasters like this being put in your way. If we had not used Insurance Claim Solutions, we would be still attempting to finalize the claim. Also we would have not received the same settlement. We feel that Insurance Claim Solutions worked very hard on our behalf. They have an in-depth knowledge of the property claims industry and this has lightened the load on us dramatically. We would have no hesitation in recommending Trevor Kelly and Insurance Claim Solutions to anyone who has suffered property damage” said Mr. Flynn


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