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Oil Spill Insurance Claim

Oil damage to a property - oil spill from the fuel tankAn oil leak or oil spill can cause a lot of damage, not only to the structure of the house and general health of the occupants. Escaped oil can pollute soil, shallow underground water and neighbouring properties. Fuel oil is also combustible. If not cleaned promptly, it can be a fire hazard. Oil can spread from a supply pipe delivering oil to the house unnoticed for some time, so you need to be vigilant, if you use oil to heat your house.

Quick intervention and clean up are essential. Insurance Claim Solutions have extensive experience in assessing potential damage caused by an oil leak or spill. We can help you assess and manage your insurance claim and get the right contractor to perform a thorough cleanup.

Why should you use us to manage your oil spill claim?

Beside the obvious reason, that is we take care of all the hassle and stress and make sure that you get your settlement as soon as physically possible, we generally are able to negotiate a much higher insurance settlement that you could.

The insurance company’s Claim Adjusters role is to minimise the Insurance Company losses, so they tend to skip over secondary damage unless it is uncovered and pointed out to them. Insurance Claim Solutions Representatives have extensive experience in handling these types of claims, and will make sure that you are not short changed by your insurers.

Recently Settled Oil Damage Claims:

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We had a leak in our kitchen which we were unaware of and requested the assistance of Trevor, his expertise and his experience. He called assessed the damage, photographed it and our claim was settled quickly with the insurance company. I would reco…
Gus Keane
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