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Fire Damage Claim - House Damaged by FireFire Damage Claim | Fire damage claims are the most common large loss insurance claims in Ireland. People often ask – Why should I appoint a Loss Assessor to deal with the fire damage claim, rather than handle it myself?

There are several reasons. Firstly, the trauma and problems related to having your property damaged by fire is not conducive to adopting a level-headed approach and attention to detail required to deal successfully with an insurance claim.

Dealing with the fire, and the havoc in your life caused by it, is stressful enough. Therefore proper assessment of the damage, completing all the paperwork and dealing with the insurance company trying to reduce your compensation, maybe  more than you can deal with at that time.

When you report the claim to your insurers they will appoint a loss adjuster to assess the claim. They will visit site, take photos, investigate the loss and then recommend a settlement to the insurers.

An insurance loss adjuster is  either directly employed by your insurance company or works as a subcontractor. Therefore their main aim is to minimise the cost of your claim to the insurance company by  reducing the value of your compensation, or even refusing it all together.

Fire damage claim – Secondary damage

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Very often secondary fire damage (smoke damage, water damage and other damage arising from the actions taken by a fire brigade or people trying to extinguish the fire) gets overlooked in the claim process.

Your final settlement is therefore much lower than the amount you could have received, if you had employed an independent, public loss assessor to assess the damage and help you compile your insurance claim.

Like the loss adjuster, an public loss assessor is an expert in assessing the damage, the difference is that he represents you, not the insurer. A public loss assessor therefore makes sure, that there are no stones unturned and that all you are entitled to claim for is included in your fire damage claim.

Secondary damage (smoke damage and water damage) can include mould growth, rusting of metals where high humidity levels mix with acidic soot particles, permanent staining of PVC and plastics, structural damage etc. The secondary damage is often overlooked by the property owners and seldom claimed for.

Appointing a professional Loss Assessor to manage your fire damage claim will save you a lot of grief and get you the best settlement possible. He will ensure proper assessment of your loss, collect all the necessary forms, complete the claim and deal with the insurers on your behalf.


Benefits of Using a Public Loss Assessor to Manage Your Fire Damage Claim

If you are still not convinced, watch this short video below which explains why you should use our services, rather than trying to manage the claim yourself. (N.B. The guy in the video is American. Americans call Public Loss Assessors – Public Loss Adjusters. This may sound a bit confusing. An Insurance Loss Adjuster is still the guy who acts on behalf of an insurance company).

If you need help with your fire claim, contact our Loss Assessor Trevor Kelly on 086 357 1713  for free advice and  no obligation assessment of your situation. He can help you get a full compensation for your loss. NO WIN NO FEE.


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