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What are the benefits of appointing a loss assessor?

  • Give you less stress and worry
  • Get the best possible deal from your insurer
  • Get your repairs done to the highest possible standards

To find out. Read the article below or call Trevor on 086 357 1713 for the best possible service.

Fire Damage Claim - House Damaged by FireWhat should you do in the event that your property has been damaged by fire?

If your property or business has been damaged by fire and you are considering making a claim; call us first. As we are claim experts working exclusively on behalf of the policy holder it’s critical to get the damage assessed independently, before your claim is presented to your insurers. We can then carry out an immediate survey, document the damage, advise on damage limitation and notify your insurance company or broker.

What will we do?

We will call out to your premises immediately, and after carrying out a comprehensive damage survey and reviewing you insurance cover, we will offer free practical advice and present our damage findings to you for discussion. You can then decide whether you want to handle the claim yourself, or appoint us to look after it for you.

What happens next?

If you decide to use our services we then make a more detailed assessment of the damage including photographs, and prepare a comprehensive report of the remedial work required. Our experience in handling previous claims means that we are aware of many aspects of damage that are not immediately apparent. For businesses, in addition to the property reinstatement, we can also help in the assessment of lost stock and trading losses while any repairs are being done. We will help in getting quotes for the repairs and reinstatement of your property.

What does the insurance company do?

The insurance company will send out their loss adjuster to the property to make their assessment. It is up to you the policyholder or your claims assessor to identify and present all of the damage on your property for inclusion in the claim.
They will then check your claim against their assessment, disallowing or minimising anything they contend you are not fully covered for, also in general they will not point out things you could claim for but that you missed. This is one of the areas where our negotiating experience is most valuable.
Once the insurance company have agreed their liability, repairs can get started. Our service also includes managing the restoration and our knowledge of buildings and current regulations means the repairs will be to the highest specification possible and at least as good as, and often better than the original.

After the claim is agreed

Once the insurance company have agreed their liability and the claim value, repairs can get started. Our service also includes managing the restoration and with our knowledge of buildings regulations means the repairs will be to the best specifications possible and may even be to a higher standard than before the fire.

Some points to remember

  • An insurance loss adjuster is either directly employed by your insurance company or works as a subcontractor. Therefore their main aim is to minimise the cost of your claim to the insurance company by reducing the value of your compensation, or even refusing it all together.
  • distressed woman looking at fire damageA public loss assessor, in this case Insurance Claim Solutions, is an expert in assessing the damage, and what repairs need to be done, and unlike the insurance company’s loss adjuster who wants what is best for the insurer, he represents you, and wants to get the best possible settlement for you. A public loss assessor therefore makes sure, that there are no stones unturned and that all you are entitled to claim for is included in your fire damage claim.
  • Secondary fire damage including smoke damage, water damage and other damage arising from the actions taken by a fire brigade or people trying to extinguish the fire is not always immediately apparent. The secondary damage can include mould growth, rusting of metals where high humidity levels mix with acidic soot particles, permanent staining of PVC and plastics, structural damage etc.. The secondary damage is hard to assess and is often overlooked by the property owners and seldom claimed for fully by people managing their own claim.


Benefits of Using a Public Loss Assessor to Manage Your Fire Damage Claim

If you are still not convinced, watch this short video below which explains why you should use our services, rather than trying to manage the claim yourself. (N.B. The guy in the video is American. Americans call Public Loss Assessors – Public Loss Adjusters. This may sound a bit confusing. An Insurance Loss Adjuster is still the guy who acts on behalf of an insurance company).

If you need help with your fire claim, contact our Loss Assessor Trevor Kelly on 086 357 1713  for free advice and  no obligation assessment of your situation. He can help you get a full compensation for your loss. NO WIN NO FEE.


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