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Water Damage Insurance Claim Help

What are the benefits of appointing a loss assessor?

  • Give you less stress and worry
  • Get the best possible deal from your insurer
  • Get your repairs done to the highest possible standards

To find out. Read the article below or call Trevor on 086 357 1713 for the best possible service.

water damage to a ceilingBurst pipe Water damage - plasterboard and carpetBurst Pipe Water Damage - Damaged ceiling

Water damage can be caused in several ways from flood, (see the flooding page) a burst pipe or water tank, or slowly over time from a leaking pipe or appliance. With a burst pipe or tank the immediate damage is possibly fairly obvious and if remedied quickly might not have spread too far. Long term leaking pipes can cause damage well away from the actual leak itself. An underfloor leak can cause damp, rotting skirting boards destroying carpets etc. as well as encouraging fungus and mould growth.

What should you do?

If your property or business has been damaged by water and you are considering making a claim, your first call should be to us. As we are claim experts working exclusively on behalf of you, the policy holder, it is critical to get the damage assessed independently, before your claim is presented to your insurers. We can carry out an immediate survey, document the damage, advise on damage limitation and notify your insurance company or broker.

What will we do?

We will call out to your premises immediately , and after carrying out a detailed preliminary damage survey and reviewing your insurance cover, we will offer free practical advice and present our damage findings to you for discussion. You can then decide whether you want to handle the claim yourself, or appoint us to look after it for you.

What happens next.

If you decide to use our services we then conduct a detailed assessment of the damage including photographs, and prepare a comprehensive report of the remedial work required. Our experience in handling previous claims means that we are aware of many aspects of damage that are not immediately apparent. For businesses, in addition to the property reinstatement, we can also help in the assessment of lost stock and trading losses while any repairs are being done. We will compile and formulate a comprehensive cost schedule for the repairs and reinstatement of your property, present it to your insurance company adjuster and negotiate the best possible terms.

What does the insurance company do.

The insurance company will send out their loss adjuster to the property to make their assessment. It is up to you the policyholder or your claims assessor to identify and present all of the damage on your property for inclusion in the claim.
They will then check your claim against their assessment, disallowing or minimising anything they contend you are not fully covered for, also in general they will not point out things you could claim for but that you missed. This is one of the areas where our negotiating experience is most valuable.
Once the insurance company have agreed their liability, repairs can get started. Our service also includes managing the restoration and our knowledge of buildings and current regulations means the repairs will be to the highest specification possible and at least as good as, and often better than the original.

Why should you use Insurance Claim Solutions to manage your water damage claim?

Employing the services of a professional loss assessor gives you peace of mind that your claim is being handled in the best possible way and takes away the stress of dealing with the insurance company and the worry that everything is covered.

An insurance loss adjuster is either directly employed by your insurance company or works as a subcontractor. They are there to protect your insurance company’s interest and apply the policy conditions, exclusions or limitations. They are not employed to formulate your claim, that is not their role; they are loss adjusters, and as such they “adjust” the claim presented to them.

A public loss assessor in this case Insurance Claim Solutions is an expert in assessing the damage, and what the repairs need to be, and unlike the insurance company’s loss adjuster who wants what is best for the insurer, he represents you, and wants to get the best possible settlement for you. A public loss assessor therefore makes sure, that there are no stones unturned and that all you are entitled to claim for is included in your water damage claim.

Secondary damage caused by leaks which may not be immediately obvious, is caused by water seeping into wall cavities, electric boxes, ventilation spaces etc.
Water getting into the wrong places can cause structural damage, rot, mould, let mildew develop, rust problems and even fires, at a later date, from unnoticed electrical damage.
This secondary damage is hard to assess and is often overlooked by the property owners and seldom claimed for fully by people managing their own claim.

Summary of what Insurance Claim Solutions can do for you:

  • read and interpret policy documentation so you understand all the exclusions and deductions usually hidden in the small print
  • complete all required paperwork
  • calculate and compile your claim comprehensively to ensure that you claim your full entitlement
  • help you get quotes for repairing the damage
  • recommend a reliable and experienced tradesman to repair the damage. (Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous, so you should not try to repair it yourself or use someone with little experience in these kinds of repairs).
  • arrange temporary accommodation if the damage is extensive and your home can not not be occupied during the repairs
  • forward claim documentation to the insurers and deal with the Insurance Claim Adjuster
  • negotiate the best settlement figure with your insurer

If you need help with your water damage claim, contact our Loss Assessor Trevor Kelly on 086 357 1713 for free advice and no obligation assessment of your situation. He can help you get a full compensation for your loss. NO WIN NO FEE.

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