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Insurance claims resulting from a burst or leaking pipe, or other water damage claims, submitted by stressed-out home owners, often omit secondary damage.

The damage, which may not be immediately obvious, is caused by water seeping into wall cavities, electric boxes, ventilation spaces etc.

Water getting into the wrong places can cause structural damage, rot, mould, let mildew develop, rust problems and even fires from unnoticed electrical damage.

Burst pipe, pipe leak or washing machine overflow can cause water damage  ranging from a small stain on a ceiling or floor boards warping , to a full on catastrophe that causes damage to the entire property.


Why should you use Insurance Claim Solutions to manage your water damage claim?

Beside the obvious reason, that is we take care of all the hassle and stress and make sure that you get your settlement as soon as physically possible, we generally are able to negotiate a much higher insurance settlement that you could.

The insurance company’s Claim Adjusters role is to minimise the Insurance Company losses, so they tend to skip over secondary damage unless it is uncovered and pointed out to them. Insurance Claim Solutions Representatives have extensive experience in handling these types of claims, and will make sure that you are not short changed by your insurers.

Insurance Claim Solutions will:

  • read and interpret policy documentation so you understand all the exclusions and deductions usually hidden in the small print
  • complete all required paperwork
  • calculate and compile your claim comprehensively to ensure that you claim your full entitlement
  • help you get quotes for repairing the damage
  • recommend a reliable and experienced tradesman to repair the damage. (Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous, so you should not try to repair it yourself  or use someone with little experience in these kinds of repairs).
  • arrange temporary accommodation if the damage  is extensive and your home can not not be occupied during the repairs
  • forward claim documentation to the insurers and deal with the Insurance Claim Adjuster
  • negotiate the best settlement figure with your insurer


Recently Settled Water Damage Claims:

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