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FAQ About Loss Assessor, Loss Adjuster and Insurance Claims

Below are some frequetly asked question about the role of an Insurance Loss Adjuster, the role of a Public Loss Assessor, Loss Assessor Fees and the overall Claims Management Process. Click on the question to reveal our answer.

Q. Why Should I use a Loss Assessor to handle my claim?

Insurance claims can be tricky to assess. Many claim types include secondary damage caused by  smoke or water. This kind of damage is often not obvious and can manifest itself long after the claim is settled and closed.

If you just suffered extensive damage to your home due to fire, flood, storm or some other peril, you are possibly traumatized and not thinking straight. This is not the best time to be left on your own, without professional representation. Dealing with a loss adjuster who is trying to minimise the payout, may just prove too stressful. Many policy holders settle for a smaller compensation just because they can’t deal with the insurance company.

ICS are claims experts. We know how to navigate the claim process and how to identify and present the damage to ensure full entitlement. To put it simply – it is in our interest to get you the best settlement possible as our fee depends on our performance.

Q. What is a difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Adjuster is a claims professional employed by your insurance company to investigate the claim, scrutinise the policy conditions and to adjust the claim pay-out in line with policy cover. The loss adjuster is paid by the insurance company and therefore works in the interests of the insurance company to minimise their losses.

A Loss Assessor works exclusively on behalf of “the policyholder”, Loss assessors are experts in compiling, formulating and negotiating insurance claims. Loss assessors  are experts in navigating the claims process and protecting  the “policyholders” interest.

Q. What do I do if I have a claim?

As soon as you discover the damage, call us. We offer free practical advice and free on-site site assessment of your case. You can then decide whether you want to handle the case yourself, or if you prefer to avoid the hassle, let a loss assessor take care of the claim.

Q. When should I appoint a Loss Assessor?

Ideally, you should call a Public Loss Assessor as soon as you suffer a loss. The Loss Assessor can then ensure that the damage is correctly assessed, photographed and documented. Correct recording and documenting of the loss will help you ensure that you receive your full entitlement, and also reduce the risk of prejudicing your claim

Q. How much do you charge? What are the ICS loss assessor fees?

We carry out a free no obligation first survey and we take your claim on a No Win- No Fee basis. We charge a small percentage of the final settlement, typically 10% + vat. Fees are agreed on a case by case basis, dependent on the size and the complexity of the loss.

Q. How long will it take for the insurance claim to be settled?

On a standard, straightforward claim, it can generally take between 2-6 weeks to get the claim fully settled- ICS are fully committed to ensure that your claim is settled as efficiently as possible.

Q. When do I receive payment in respect of my insurance claim?

You should receive your cheque within 7-10 days following the agreement of settlement terms.

Q. When do I have to pay your fee?

Our fee is due when you receive money from insurance company.

Q. How do I know what I can claim for?

A detailed list of insurable perils is listed in your policy booklet. However you also need to consider a list of exclusions and special conditions, frequently buried in the small print. Call us and we can help you determine free of charge whether your claim will be successful.

Q. Who receives the claim pay-out – me or the loss assessor who managed the claim?

You, the policyholder receives the payment directly from the insurance company. Loss assessors do not commute or handle the settlement funds.

Q. Will a claim affect my premium at renewal?

Any claim made on the policy is likely to have an impact on your no claims bonus, each insurer will differ. It is important to weigh up the benefit of the claim and the potential impact. We can advise of the potential impact to your policy on an individual basis. The onus is on the policyholder to advise any future insurer of previous claims. See our article on Why a Small Insurance Claim Is Not Worth Filing.

Q. Do Loss Assessors provide contractors and professionals to assist with the reinstatement works?

No. Loss Assessors are independent, but would work closely with a large number of contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors and other construction professionals. We could however assist with recommendations and if required, project manage the repairs.

Q. Why did I get paid less than I was insured for?

Your insurers probably applied the Average Clause. Read our article on How the Average Clause works.

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