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House Fire Waterford

We had a house fire in Waterford last July and was given Trevor’s name by a friend that day with the advice to contact him.

This was without a doubt the best advice ever given to me, the extent of damage and the claims process was beyond anything I could have imagined or coped with. From the beginning Trevor was first class in his service, he came down to site the next day taking photos and fully catalogued the extent of damage. He arranged meetings with the insurances loss adjuster, engineers, forensics and completely put my mind at ease throughout… Continue reading

Burst Pipe | Water Damage Insurance Claim Testimonial

Water Damage Claim Testimonial | I had noticed a very bad smell and I thought I had a boiler problem. I called a plumber who traced it to burst pipes in my bathroom. He had to go around the side of the house and do some digging. He called me out and said “there’s all your water”.

I couldn’t believe what was coming out! It was old pipes underneath the bath that burst. Everything in the bathroom had to be taken up or worked on, the floor, tiles, walls and ceiling. The plumber got in touch with Trevor who came… Continue reading

Leaking Shower, Water Damage Claim Testimonial

Leaking Shower, Water Damage Claim Testimonial | I first met Trevor Kelly while he was working for another company and before he went into business on his own. He had given me his card and telephone number at that time. Subsequently when I had property damage of my own and needed to make a claim, I called Trevor.

How did the project run? I would contact Trevor and he would tell me not to do anything to make the damage worse and not to put myself in any danger by going near plugs, sockets, etc. Trevor would then ring the… Continue reading

Testimonial for Trevor Kelly by Joe Hearty

We made a smoke damage insurance claim in late November 2010. The chimney flue lining cracked and we had smoke leaking from the chimney into the back bedroom. Smoke damage was quite substantial.

My insurance broker put me in touch with Insurance Claim Solutions Loss Assessor – Trevor Kelly . He came around to have a look at the damage and I was very impressed with him. Trevor took it from there and we just sat back and let it happen.

Trevor looked after it all. He dealt with the insurance company and they got the builders in to do… Continue reading

Testimonial for Trevor Kelly by Ed Lee

Trevor Kelly has done work for me as a Loss Assessor on three separate occasions; five years ago, two years ago and just this last Christmas I had a leak in the radiator because of the frost damage. Prior to that there had been storm damage to the roof and a burst water tank. When the water tank burst I had to put in a claim for water damage.

What was involved in your claim for water damage?

I had a burst water tank in the house so I contacted the insurance company to make a claim for water damage.… Continue reading

I have worked with Trevor on a few occasions and have found him to be very quick and efficient at what he does. He always achieves good results and as such I would not hesitate to work with him in the future.
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